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What’s the big deal anyway?

What’s the big deal anyway?

Some people believe resume, LinkedIn and Internet sourcing is so easy that sourcing is either dying or dead or can be performed for $6/hour. After all, resume and LinkedIn sourcing appears simple and easy on the surface, however – it is deceptively difficult and complex. Anyone can find candidates because all searches "work" as long as they are syntactically correct. That doesn’t mean the searches are finding all of the best candidates.

People make assumptions when creating searches. Every time an assumption is made, there is room for error and you unknowingly miss and/or eliminate results! After all, no single search can return all potentially qualified people. Every search both includes some qualified people and excludes some qualified people. Some of the best people have resumes or social profiles that may not appear to be obvious or strong matches to your needs. People cannot effectively be reduced to and represented by a text-based document. Job seekers are NOT professional resume or LinkedIn profile writers which means people don’t create their resumes and LinkedIn profiles thinking about how you will search for them.

Most people still believe shorter and more concise resumes and social profiles are still better which means they are removing data/info from their resumes which can no longer be searched for! No one mentions every skill or responsibility they’ve had, nor describes every environment in which they’ve ever worked. There are many ways of expressing the same skills and experience, and even employers often don’t use the same job titles for the same job functions.  Not to mention that sometimes people don’t even use correct terminology.

Finally, anyone easy for you to find is easy for other recruiters to find which means there is no competitive advantage!  The work I did gathering available data has really paid off in allowing me to truely understand how the data relates.  It is really powerful.