"Trillium is committed to delivering the right people, technology, and consultative insight to ensure the success of our clients." Trillium CEO Steve Adelstein

Trillium was founded in 2002 on a simple, but powerful premise – to put very talented people to work in the midst of an economy shaken by the dot-com crash and the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. So began our core mission of helping businesses deliver mission critical projects successfully against all odds by merging the expertise of people with backgrounds in global consultancy, C-level technology management, and in-depth project management experience.

Over the years, Trillium has evolved from being a project management and staffing firm to a full-fledged professional services and consulting partner who provides complete business solutions. We recognized that our clients were trusting technology to take them to higher levels of performance, so it was a natural progression for Trillium to help them bridge the gap between strategy, requirements and technology solutions. Trillium strategically expanded the scope of its consultative services to areas such as business process and analysis, technology selection, and quality management practices.

Trillium now specializes in technology selection services that are unbiased, vendor agnostic, and in perfect alignment with the business requirements of our clients. We know that technology selection is about more than just changing or upgrading hardware and software – it’s about adding business value through initiatives that will drive positive change in our clients’ organization. That’s why our single focus is to provide our clients with objective information to help them select the right solution to fit their specific needs – not ours. From start to finish, our highly knowledgeable consultants maintain a positive and constructive approach as they work with our clients to uncover answers to the hard business problems that they are facing.

As we have evolved to a broader scope of services, Trillium has not, however, abandoned its project management roots. We’re different because we have a depth and breadth of project management expertise that few, if any, consulting firms can match. Our consultants know why projects fail and they apply that knowledge to help our clients be successful at delivering projects with the value they expect.

In addition, Trillium is also a trusted source for the right people to fill critical project needs – whether on a contract basis or full-time hires. Our Strategic Sourcing group engages in professional search on behalf of our clients for technology related positions at all levels, including C-suite, directors, managers, and other top level staff to ensure client success.

Trillium envisions an exciting future for both our company and our clients. We will continue to grow and evolve our professional services in readiness for our clients’ needs. Today and in the future, Trillium is committed to delivering the right people, technology, and consultative insight to ensure the success of our clients.