Trillium has developed a core set of project management principles to drive successful outcomes.

Over the years, Trillium has developed a core set of project management principles that we use to drive our client’s projects to success.  These principles have their genesis in the early Standish Group research around the factors that determine project management success, and have been honed and retooled by our project management experts.  We refer to them simply as the 5Cs:

  • Clarify the business objectives, clear priorities leads to simpler decision making
  • Commit the executive sponsor, sustained ownership allows for faster issue resolution
  • Coach the team members, highly motivated efforts and lasting skill and process improvement
  • Collaborate with the stakeholders, powerful buy-in and customer satisfaction
  • Cycle through manageable steps, provides a sense of momentum and faster payback

We have ingrained the above success factors into the culture of our company.  One of the key components of our project assessment is to determine whether these factors are present.  There have been several instances where Trillium has been approached to recover a failing project,  and we have determine that multiple success factors were not in place, and that the project leadership did not value these success factors, so we have not accepted the project.  We need our people to be in a position to succeed.