Agile project management offers a new approach, but also requires different thinking about development.

With the 2001 "Agile Manifesto for Software Development", the evolution of incremental development has continued to focus on teamwork, collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project.  Agile has reached a process maturity that works well in the right situation and has gained recognition for adaptability in today’s fast-moving markets. At Trillium, we combine the speed, adaptability, and power of Agile with our client’s unique operations, infrastructure, level of experience, and culture.  Our Agile management techniques integrate the process with our experiences and knowledge in a manner resulting in expedited and strong collaboration, efficient delivery, and working software. With Trillium leadership in place, our clients experience four key differentiators:  world-class Agile and Scrum training, agile readiness visibility, concise communications, and advanced risk management.

Agile and Scrum Training. Trillium provides world-class training and workshops on a variety of Agile topics, including Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, Agile Testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD), Agile Architecture, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Extreme Programming (XP) Practices, and Agile Portfolio Management .  For training in Scrum, the most popular Agile framework, Trillium partners with trainers certified by  This allows Trillium to teach consistent, effective curriculum which is stewarded by Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum, delivered by Professional Scrum Trainers who are approved by Ken.  These classes prepare students for success in associated assessments which can reward the certifications of Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Professional Scrum Developer (PSD), and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO).

Agile Readiness Assessment. Is Agile right for you?  The Agile Readiness Assessment is a brief analysis (approximately three to five days) that will set up your organization and team to kick off an Agile initiative, positioned for success. Serving as an ‘early warning system’, the assessment provides visibility to hidden gaps and risks before a team embarks on an aggressive Agile approach.  Trillium’s team takes several components of successful software delivery into account when evaluating a team’s or organization’s readiness including:  culture, resources, financial, technical, processes, management/leadership, and communication. The overall readiness, key risk areas, and recommended actions are documented in the form of a dashboard.  Depending on results, recommended actions can be identified for readiness such as risk mitigation, Agile coaching or training, and Agile organization design.


Communication. Transparency is a pillar of Agile frameworks, enabling strong trust and consistent expectations.  It is the glue that builds trust and instills the concept of team.   Trillium recognizes matrixed communication at several levels including:  upward, peer to peer and project team focused.  Considering the audience carefully, Trillium incorporates proven communication tools and techniques to Agile frameworks resulting in proven success:   concise executive reporting, defined jeopardy triggers, accurate financial communications, tool generated reports, and informative, action-oriented project-level planning and detail.   

Risk Management. Risk is any uncertainty that may negatively impact the outcome of a project.  Trillium integrates proven risk analysis tools and techniques to Agile frameworks.  In our iterative method of risk analysis and mitigation, Trillium includes 4 key phases for risk management: Identify, Assess, Control, and Monitor .  This efficient, proven technique enables taking action early enough to avoid detrimental impacts to deliverables.  At a minimum, it provides the opportunity to ensure your stakeholders are informed and have agreed to planned responses to the risks, including decision thresholds.

Trillium’s project leaders will determine your readiness, train your organization, and move you forward to truly experience the efficiency, speed, and adaptability of Agile.  Please contact us to learn more about our Agile project management services.

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