How will you use the Cloud to your advantage?

Cloud is a fundamental change not just for IT, but for your entire organization. Adopters can harness and rapidly adopt emerging technologies across an ever increasing array of software, services and computing platform capabilities. Cloud is part of the new digital organization conversation in a big way. Along with the benefits of Cloud, comes the need to make carefully crafted decisions on the Cloud solutions that are appropriate for your organization’s needs and priorities. Just as the opportunities are enormous, so are the risks without planning.

Why do you need a plan and roadmap?

It is time to look at your organization comprehensively, and create a plan with initiatives for using the Cloud that align with both your strategic business needs and IT planning. Why? Cloud now underpins important capabilities such as mobility, big data, and analytics. New opportunities for infrastructure, software and services in the Cloud are both increasing and maturing. A move to the cloud can affect every part of your organizations’s IT infrastructure and IT operational processes.

Trillium’s Cloud Planning and Roadmap Services are designed to benefit Cloud adopters at all stages – from those that already have ongoing Cloud initiatives or services, to those in the early stages of decision-making.

What are the specific benefits of a Cloud Plan and Roadmap?

Your Cloud Roadmap will provide important benefits by removing road-blocks and setting the stage for successful implementation. Trillium’s Cloud Planning and Roadmap services provide you with:

  • A clear understanding of the business value of your Cloud initiatives – why the decision makes sense in a narrative that can be used to gain support across the organization and easily explain your business case analysis.
  • Positioning your organization to take advantage the Cloud in a way that makes sense for your scale of operations, investment alternatives and planning horizon.
  • How your Cloud plans will fit together with your existing infrastructure, software and services.
  • The types of partners you will need, or if desired, a technology selection process to decide on specific partners.
  • How you will manage, monitor, and maintain your new Cloud capabilities.
  • Your plan for migration, with specific initiatives, on a planning horizon that works with your organization’s planning process.
  • An understanding of Cloud capabilities that you are not appropriate for you for this planning cycle and why, as well as when they should be revisited.
  • How you will address concerns and risks such as organizational changes, data security, service-level-agreements, identity management, vendor lock-in.

What is Trillium’s approach to Cloud Planning?

Trillium works with organizations using a six step approach designed to remove road-blocks and build your Cloud Roadmap directly tied to your organization’s needs. When organizations have existing plans or in-flight initiatives, those will be incorporated into the process. The approach has six high level steps:

  • Business Case.  Predicting the business value that will come from changing your IT infrastructure, software or services is a difficult but unavoidable first step toward getting the budget you’ll need to make the change. The Trillium team will work with your IT and business people to prepare a business case that tells the story of why your cloud strategy makes business sense.
  • Adoption Strategy. Deciding how fast and how far to go with the new cloud technologies is daunting. The Trillium process will help you determine which products are the best fit for your business and IT priorities.
  • Technical Integration Plan. The Trillium team will work with your technical staff to create high and mid-level designs that explain how your new cloud based components will share data and cooperate with your existing IT environment.
  • Process Integration Plan. Keeping an IT environment stable and available depends on attention to detail. The Trillium team will work with your operational staff to craft high and mid-level process designs that explain how you will ensure security, monitor performance, and react to problems in the new environment.
  • Partner Selection. Adding the cloud to your IT environment means new vendor relationships to manage. The Trillium process will help you avoid vendors that don’t fit well with your needs or your culture.
  • Deployment Plan - Roadmap. The Trillium team will help you decide which applications should be moved, when integration efforts should start, and which resources will be needed. Leaving you with a plan for the order things will be done in, how much it will cost, and how long it will take – and giving you a big head start on the deployment phase.

Please contact us to learn more about our Cloud Planning and Roadmap services.

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