The Cloud has evolved to be the on-demand service and strategic operations tool for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Trillium has developed services specifically targeted to helping organizations integrate the Cloud into business and IT strategy and to plan and develop intiaitives associated with leveraging the Cloud.


Cloud Strategy

Cloud technology architecture includes: PasS (Platform as a Service) – allows a company to deploy applications without purchasing and configuring new hardware.  PaaS provides the full cycle application deployment, from design all the way through production deployment.  Iaa... Read more »

Cloud Planning and Roadmap

How will you use the Cloud to your advantage? Cloud is a fundamental change not just for IT, but for your entire organization. Adopters can harness and rapidly adopt emerging technologies across an ever increasing array of software, services and computing platform capabilities. Cloud is part of ... Read more »

Success Stories

Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.