Each day, companies change hands. They're bought and sold - small firms by larger ones, and big firms by even larger ones.

While these transactions might appear to be seamless, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to make these transitions achieve the intended value.  For Trillium's Due Diligence and Audit practice for technology, these events are a daily opportunity to prove our mettle, while helping companies undertake and successfully complete what is often the most challenging aspect of a firm's strategy. 

How do we do this? For many companies, a due diligence review typically focuses on financial aspects. A standard review of the incoming organization's financials is completed, and any relevant organizational or business processes that need consideration are examined prior to the merger.  In today's marketplace, however, because of the importance of technology, this sort of due diligence is incomplete. If technology is critical to your operations and strategic success, a deeper review and understanding of value and risk to how the technologies will merge prior to the transaction is also essential.  Read More

Having an independent view of your technology and knowing where things stand can be valuable on its own, and need not be driven by a merger or acquisition, it is important to have a clear understanding of the issues and risks that may exist within an IT organization.  As leaders are looking to scale an organizations delivery capability in an efficient way, a company’s technology can either be an enabler or it can get in the way.   Trillium’s Audit’s practice is focused on providing its clients with audit insights by identifying strengths and weaknesses that may exist from an organization, process, or technology perspective.

At Trillium, we know today's growth oriented companies need more than just a financial approach to due diligence in order to successfully mold disparate cultures, processes and operations into a new entity. Companies that understand this as well, come to us for due diligence and technology audits that allow them to fully realize value and understand risk from a technology perspective.

Audit Service

The audit identifies risks and evaluates them against levels of acceptability from both a management and industry perspective.    It all starts with identifying the specific areas of interest to be reviewed.  Within the areas of interest, the high level processes that are perfo... Read more »

Due Diligence Service

The key to any due diligence is to first confirm the goals and assumptions for company that is being acquired are valid. The objective for performing a due diligence is to determine the issues and implications that exist when the purchase is made and to determine if there are any financial consequ... Read more »

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Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.