What is the current state of your technical environment?

What areas drive productivity, and which ones create bottlenecks and costly delays? Trillium can help you answer those questions with deep insight into how your technical environment affects business processes. And this assessment of your current environment will lay the foundation for the most informed and strategic technology selection for the future.

Trillium can help get to the root of the current business process (both manual and automated) with an eye toward how the organization wants to operate in the future.  Our senior-level consultants bring real-world experience to evaluating current processes and obtaining detailed functional and technical requirements. As a result, they bring expert insight into determining the required future functionality and creating the “to be” environment.   

A collaborative approach for an informed assessment

Trillium understands that selecting any new technology must also take into account internal culture, internal business requirements, and potentially legal requirements – part of the “art” within the process of technology selection.  That is why we take a collaborative focus to building the team that is assigned to your project – both at the client level and the consultant level. We ensure that only the most knowledgeable people who are most responsive to your organization’s needs and goals are selected – so it’s easy for us to obtain the information we need to make the most informed environmental assessment.

Trillium will also bring the appropriate technical resources to the table on an as-needed basis to maintain a good communication chain with the client’s technical staff, as well as to ensure alignment of the organizational strategy with the technology strategy/environment.  For example, we may work with technical architects to help determine technology platforms for situations where there are no existing automated systems and an organization is creating a totally new business process.

Best practices and project management expertise ensure success

We know that every organization is different, so we never take a cookie cutter approach to assessing your environment. Trillium’s consultants follow best practices using our Value Builder Vendor Selection Process in order to do a deep dive in identifying a your business and technical requirements.  We approach your organization as a unique entity and begin the process by creating a picture of the current processing environments – manual and automated – in order to get a good base from which to begin the job of selecting new technology.   This includes:

  • Conducting group interviews to obtain business and customer experience requirements
  • Creating scenarios or use cases for various pertinent aspects of your business
  • Identifying technical requirements for automated processes
  • Identifying and including integration points with other systems within and outside of the organization to establish a technical integration plan

And there’s more to the Trillium approach. Bringing an average of 20 years of experience in project management to the table, Trillium’s consultants will drive the process using Project Management Best Practices so that the assessment is completed economically and within the appropriate timeframe. The result? A successful project that meets all of your business and technical needs.

Success Stories

Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.