The demands of your business or organization continue unabated during times of technology transition, and your user community expects minimal interruption of access to the services and data critical to their work.

Transitioning technology or technology facilities is driven by the need to enhance the capabilities of the business or improve operational efficiency of the computing infrastructure. The drivers of changes can result from the strategy of the business, a merger or acquisition, a physical move or an infrastructure upgrade like Server and Storage Virtualization or Cloud related initiatives.

These sorts of changes have a huge impact on technology operations groups. Why? Because the infrequency and uniqueness of major technology transitions requires skills that are not typically part of an organization's standard operations. IT staff are being asked to eliminate technologies they have dedicated themselves to running and refining, then implement and run something new with the same efficiency as technology they have used for years. The skills needed to properly assess, plan and manage all the activities to migrate from one technology to the next often do not reside in IT organizations. Flipping-the-switch with confidence requires careful planning and execution to mitigate risks.

Trillium’s ITtransitions® practice provides the skills, experience, and proven methodologies to mitigate risks and guide organizations through the pitfalls associated with technology transitions. Contact us to learn more about ITtransitions® services and how we keep technology at work for you.


Trillium’s ITtransitions® team is experienced not only in the functions and features of the technology offerings in the virtualization space, but also with the cause and effect of these offerings on bandwidth, growth, staffing, skills, security, and performance. Our best practices around... Read more »

Transition Assessment

The act of transitioning technology in a relocation or consolidation can expose an organization to worst case technology operating scenarios including prolonged technology downtime, loss of critical data and security lapses in confidential data, to name just a few. Trillium's transition asse... Read more »

Transition Planning

The roadmap for transitioning a technology infrastructure can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to develop and is solely focused on the execution of the transition plan in a very short time frame, in some case no more than a few hours. Gaining the confidence that the transition ex... Read more »

Transition Management

If transitioning were part of the day-to-day operations of the business, then it would follow that the business would maintain processes and procedures required to accomplish their operational duties throughout a major technology transition. However, transitioning is an infrequent event, and requi... Read more »

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