Trillium is your trusted consulting partner from environment analysis to the final step of procuring technology and engaging vendors.

Armed with deep insight into how your business and technical environments work – as well as knowledge of the types of technology solutions that best fill your requirements for future success – Trillium consultants will scan the marketplace for the best products, services, and vendors. We’re flexible in that we’ll work with your internal processes and regulations in terms of submitting Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Proposal (RFP), or formal bids.

Prior to scanning the market, our consultants will:

  • Perform a final review of the requirements to ensure buy-in by your decision makers
  • Estimate technology costs and present them for approval
  • Work with your procurement and legal departments to ensure that we follow the proper documentation and/or regulatory compliance requirements

In addition, Trillium can assist you in the management, prioritization, scoring, and selection of technology vendors following system selection. Trillium staff can also assist in the contract negotiation and review process for the chosen vendor(s) prior to beginning the implementation project.

Making unbiased, strategic selections

Trillium approaches each solution and vendor recommendation according to the unique needs of your business and the unique properties of the proposed technology. If the proposed solution is external or off the shelf technology to be purchased or leased, then appropriate vendors will be researched.  Another option might be internal to the client organization – modifications to existing systems is one example – and must be researched with client staff, including any staff augmentation that may occur.  Potential solutions may also include combinations of custom and off-the-shelf products.  Solutions may reside in the cloud or within your own infrastructure.

Trillium scores vendors based on the responses we receive, and we’ll invite the top scorers to present their solutions to all project stakeholders. Then we’ll score the presentations in relation to the requirements we created in the first two phases of the technology selection process – an assurance that the technology and vendor you select will support your business and technical goals.

A focus on project success

Throughout the project iterations, Trillium staff will be available to manage and drive the process – this includes working on outgoing client documents for the vendors, making initial contact with potential vendors, creating the scoring documents, scheduling the vendor presentations, and conducting follow-ups with potential vendors. But what really makes Trillium different is our focus on project success – to ensure that our technology recommendations translate to value to the organization and ultimately to the bottom line.

Questions? Contact Trillium and let’s talk about the ways we can bring value to your organization through our in-depth experience in technology selection and project management.

Success Stories

Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.