QA plays an important role in the Agile development process.

QA play a key role in during implementations delivered using an Agile Framework. 

Attend sprint-planning sessions.  QA should always attend planning sessions.  This is necessary to ensure that QA is in sync with the development team from the start.  It also allows QA to identify potential risks and bottlenecks early in the process.

Attend daily stand ups.  QA should be part of daily stand ups. This fosters a collaborative team environment.  It also provides QA with visibility into the priorities for the day and it better positions them to plan their workload.  During the standup, QA has an opportunity to provide an update on known issues, which in turn allows developers to keep up to speed on testing progress and plan their own workload.

Document test cases.  Documenting test cases is important during Agile development.  The key is to provide the level of documentation necessary to look back and confirm the work that was done.  The documentation also speeds up the process of bringing new team members on board.  There are a number of available tools that can be used as a document repository of test cases.

Attend sprint retrospectives.  As part of the process of improving the velocity and quality of future releases, project teams should conduct a sprint retrospective.  QA should be involved in these discussions to ensure that any concerns they have are addressed before the start of the next sprint. 

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