A streamlined project process can improve the execution and value of important projects.

In the application of our Streamlined Project management process, Trillium weaves together the experience of seasoned project management leaders with the right technologies and processes to address your business needs.  And, because the technological and industry experience of our project leaders reaches deep and wide, we are able to create custom solutions for your firm, all while working with the technologies your firm already employs.  Unlike other firms that may offer a pre-determined fix utilizing the tools their firm knows and promotes, Trillium project leaders are able to create custom streamlined project management solutions that work in conjunction with your firm's already chosen platforms.

Our successes in the areas of expedited project and program management are due to three key factors:  experienced and knowledgeable professionals, an industry-agnostic delivery framework, and effective tools.  The key stages in our approach include:   Discovery, Plan, Deliver, Close.   

First, during “discovery,” our experts apply their knowledge, tools and structure to focus on  identifying your unique challenges, understanding key dependencies and goals, and interpreting known risks and issues.  Next, during the “planning” stage, our experts focus on securing agreement to the fundamental elements of the initiative. This may include defining project plans, developing a communications approach, further risk identification and risk mitigation plans, and a thorough examination of your firm's financials.  The “deliver” stage focuses on effective communication, continuous and aggressive issue and risk management, and dashboard metrics reporting of status and trending.  The “close” stage is the final point of control, and enables our client partners to create an agreed upon benchmark that guides the process moving forward, and that results in a definitive value-added product.


Throughout our history, Trillium has partnered successfully with firms on speed-to-market projects in a variety of industries including financial services, trade associations, communications, manufacturing, legal, and healthcare.  Our successes in this area are directly tied to the skills of our project leaders, the application of proven project and program management standards, and the use of technologies that minimize the complexities of speed-to-market objectives.  Please contact us to learn more about our Streamlined services to speed up your projects.


Success Stories

Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.

Managing Vendors to Drive Growth

Managing Vendors to Drive Growth

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