Technology selection can be a challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be with the right partner.

In a decision-making arena with significant risk exposure, complex criteria and sophisticated sales relationships, Trillium brings a voice of independence and clarity completely focused on your best interest.

At Trillium, our consultative approach to technology and vendor selection is a blend of the science of best practices and the art of gathering in-depth knowledge of your organization’s business needs and culture. From gathering requirements, analyzing workflows, studying technologies, reviewing environments, generating proposal request, managing the endeavor, evaluating vendors, and more, Trillium’s Technology Selection practice combines the right mix of seasoned experience with an innovative view of the future to successfully lead technology selection. 

Trillium assesses your current environment to create the foundation for a strategic view of your future processing environment – and more.  Trillium can help you get to the root of the current business process and architecture with an eye towards optimal performance.

Do you modify existing platforms or build new ones? Should your applications reside in the cloud? What processes changes will bring about the most value for the enterprise? Trillium helps you answer critical questions like these by analyzing proposed technology solutions and mapping them to your business goals.

With a key focus on project success and meeting business requirements, Trillium scans the marketplace for technology solutions that deliver value to your organization.  We’ll handle the management, prioritization, scoring, and selection of the appropriate solution(s), as well as assist in the implementation and quality assurance processes going forward.  We will provide an end-to-end partnership for you to achieve the recommended solutions focused on your business needs.  Please contact us to discuss Trillium’s Technology Selection services.

Environmental Assessment

What is the current state of your technical environment? What areas drive productivity, and which ones create bottlenecks and costly delays? Trillium can help you answer those questions with deep insight into how your technical environment affects business processes. Read more »


After reviewing your technology environment, Trillium’s expert technology selection consulting team works closely with you to analyze and understand your organization’s business processes and long-and short-term objectives. In fact, our clients consistently tell us that we quickly assi... Read more »

Recommended Solutions

Trillium is your trusted consulting partner from environment analysis to the final step of procuring technology and engaging vendors. Armed with deep insight into how your business and technical environments work – as well as knowledge of the types of technology solutions that best fill your require Read more »

Success Stories

Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.