Do you really know what will happen when the big move happens?

The act of transitioning technology in a relocation or consolidation can expose an organization to worst case technology operating scenarios including prolonged technology downtime, loss of critical data and security lapses in confidential data, to name just a few.

Trillium's transition assessement is a set of services that provides the business with a realistic and complete determination of the obstacles and challenges it will face when transitioning its infrastructure. We combine these perspectives to give you a true picture of what the transition will entail:

  • Business Case Assessment
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Planning Assessment

Please contact us to learn more about our transition assessment services.

Success Stories

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Predicting Patient Readmittance

Predicting Patient Readmittance

Most healthcare organizations are drowning in data but are challenged to gain reliable, actionable insights from this information.  It is in the form of physician notes, registration forms, disch... Continue »