Your transition plan needs to incorporate more than just the technical steps.

The roadmap for transitioning a technology infrastructure can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to develop and is solely focused on the execution of the transition plan in a very short time frame, in some case no more than a few hours. Gaining the confidence that the transition execution will come off flawlessly requires a coordinated and comprehensive plan. Anticipating, identifying and coordinating the many aspects of a transition effort is core to our business, and provides our clients significant value in maintaining critical services to their business.

Trillium works with clients on a set of planning services that provides the business with a roadmap to successfully traverse the barriers and issues that may arise during a transition.  The end result is a comprehensive plan that will not only detail the technical transtion steps, but also include:

  • Communications Plan
  • Resourcing Plan
  • Vendor Management Plan
  • Move Day Plan
  • Development Risk Plan
  • Contingency Plan

If you would like to learn more about Trillium's transition planning services please contact us.