Virtualization of Servers and Storage is a proven and cost effective approach for a growing number of organizations. However, the path to operational efficiency using these technologies is typically delayed by not clearly understanding the impact to all aspects of the IT Infrastructure when Virtualization initiatives are begun.

Trillium’s ITtransitions® team is experienced not only in the functions and features of the technology offerings in the virtualization space, but also with the cause and effect of these offerings on bandwidth, growth, staffing, skills, security, and performance. Our best practices around running a virtualized shop enable our clients to understand the entire journey before initiating the first pilot. Our multi-step approach to supporting selection and implementation of Virtual technologies ensures budgetary and technical expectations are set appropriately with stakeholders, and then met.

Our initial assessment typically lasts for one to two weeks and will cover the following areas in helping you scope your Virtualization efforts:

  • How many operating systems and hardware platforms are you running, and for what applications?
  • What are the performance and resource needs of each application?
  • What is the existing storage configuration and what are the growth expectations for each current or expected application?
  • What are performance characteristics of the current network, and how will the fabric be affected by virtualization?
  • What are the current and anticipated demands on development and testing?
  • What are the backup and disaster recovery strategies for the organization?
  • What security and access controls are impacted by virtualization?
  • What virtualization products best fit your company's needs based on the answers to the above questions?

Please contact Trillium to learn more about our ITtransitions® services for Virtualization.

Success Stories

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