Quality has a different meaning depending on who you are.

Even with Trillium’s extensive track record of creating and adding “quality” to its clients’ campaigns, the answer to this question remains far too ephemeral to chart with single definition. Simply put, too many unique variables are in motion for each individual client; a complete answer would require far more information, and would require questions such as:

“Who’s asking?” – “Quality” can only truly be defined by those seeking it. As such, Trillium’s Quality Management processes are grounded in open communication and the creation of well-defined objectives. Without both, the utility of any solution will never be fully realized.

“What are we aiming for?” – Even when a solution is delivered bug-free, it still fails to meet quality standards if it doesn’t address (and solve) all problems outlined by a client. Trillium applies a unique blend of quality control and quality assurance to each campaign it oversees, simultaneously streamlining processes and providing a thorough review of progress.

“How can we get there?” – Achieving a quality solution can’t be limited to conceptual work—it’s development which produces results. Still, there isn’t always a “tried and true” formula for completing a task, and methodology for achieving quality necessarily differs from infrastructure to infrastructure, and from problem to problem. It’s Trillium’s commitment to flexible and adaptive support which sets its services apart from the rest of the industry.

“How can we measure results?” – Quite literally, the metrics which define results are those which determine when a project has reached its close. Trillium excels at not only evaluating which metrics to review, but also at deciphering whether the reported results align with desired objectives.


In short, “quality”—at least from our point of view—can only be achieved when a client’s specific needs are met or exceeded.

Success Stories

Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.

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