Headquartered in Chicago, Trillium Solutions Group provides technology consulting services to industries including: financial services, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, media & telecom, professional services, trade associations and transportation & logistics

A top technology consulting firm, Trillium has a broad range of consulting industry best practice knowledge. Our experience across several industries allows us to bring the best technology practices found in one industry to our clients in another.  Our clients have included global corporations, mid-size rapidly growing businesses and some of the largest trade associations in the United States.

Financial Services

The Financial Services industry has unique requirements for high volume transactions as well as being among those industries requiring extensive risk analysis and mitigation in the technology architecture for both availability and redundancy.  Trillium has worked with major banking insti... Read more »


Trillium works with Healthcare clients on a broad spectrum of services.  Healthcare is among the most rapidly changing environments for technology driven by influences such as legislation, advances in patient care, digital records, accreditation concerns, and market position.  Healthcare... Read more »


The insurance industry faces increased pressures from more demanding customers, new changes to the regulatory environment, and aging technology systems.   While continuing to invest in improving operational efficiency, increasing revenue, and reducing costs, a more effective integra... Read more »


As we have watched the restructuring of manufacturing in the United States, shaped by the forces of global markets, innovation and technology have been critical to staying ahead of competitors.  Trillium works with manufacturing clients to bring about true innovation on both the shop floor as... Read more »

Media & Telecom

Media and Telecom companies are enjoying revenue growth as they use digital technologies to distribute content to their customers. New media strategies have expanded to encompass the wide range of event, content and geospatially enhanced applications that are now delivered under a three-screen str... Read more »

Professional Services

Professional services firms are looking to gain a competitive advantage every day – whether it be speed of execution, reliability of service, or having more qualified experts than their competitors.  Trillium works with professional services firms to provide the processes and technology... Read more »

Trade Associations

Associations face the difficult task of attracting and retaining members in the midst of an increasingly competitive marketplace. Determining how best to deal with this begins with an association's ability to understand the needs and expectations of its members. Associations remain relevant an... Read more »

Transportation & Logistics

The Transportation & Logistics industry is at the forefront to making the economy work.  The costs of moving goods from buyers to sellers have become a focal point of the supply chain process.  Trillium works with transportation & logistics companies to identify process improveme... Read more »

Success Stories

Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.

Managing Vendors to Drive Growth

Managing Vendors to Drive Growth

Trillium developed a vendor performance initiative to increase sales and drive growth of a Midwest-based general merchandise and grocery retailer. With over 200 locations and $12 billion in annual sal... Continue »

Integrating Development Methodologies

Integrating Development Methodologies

Helping global technology companies work together can be a daunting task. A leading provider of internet content and communication services was actively engaged in a strategic alliance with one of the... Continue »