When you are moving billions of dollars around the globe, technology failure is not an option.

The Financial Services industry has unique requirements for high volume transactions as well as being among those industries requiring extensive risk analysis and mitigation in the technology architecture for both availability and redundancy.  Trillium has worked with major banking institutions, trading exchanges and hedge funds on engagements requiring services such as program management, virtualization and facilities migration.   These engagements have required significant depth in shared services optimization, sourcing strategy, optimization of technology investments and merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction-related work:  before, during and after the transaction.  Please contact us to learn more about our work with Financial Services clients.

Success Stories

Our client’s success in meeting their goals is our most important objective.

Managing Intellectual Assets

Managing Intellectual Assets

For this full-service U.S. venture capital firm on the West Coast, our challenge was to protect the firm’s competitive edge by capturing the intellectual capital generated by its IT staff. Like oth... Continue »