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Three Interview Questions to Set You Apart

Three Interview Questions to Set You Apart

Job hunting is becoming more difficult each day.  The hard work starts with your interview preparations.  Success in interviewing is more than just about giving the correct answers, it also includes asking the right questions.

Nowadays, you have to make yourself stand out by asking thoughtful questions that are designed specifically to make the interviewer sit up and take notice.  One way to shine in today’s business environment is to ask diligent questions. These questions will prove that you are innate and genuinely interested in joining the company.

Listed below are examples of three questions that help you sell yourself into a role.

  1. What skills and experience would make me an ideal candidate?

This is a very direct question that will cause the interviewer to really think about what he or she is looking for.  If the interviewer mentions something that did not come out in the interview, it provides you with an opportunity to provide additional insight into your skills and capabilities.

  1. What have you enjoyed most while working here?

This question allows the interviewer to see your interest in them in addition to your interest in the company.  The answer will help you know more about the company’s culture and satisfaction level of their employees.

  1. Who previously held the position that I am interviewing for?

The answer to this question will show the interviewer your interest in what pervious person brought to the role, what enabled them to be successful and potential where there were gaps. 

Always remember, the interview process goes both ways, and these questions will help you stand out as well as ensure that you are heading down the right path.

Good luck, and happy interviewing! 

Why Will Someone Hire Me?

Why Will Someone Hire Me?

There are only 3 scenarios for a person to be hired, and understanding which applies to you will help you determine the steps and timing of your job search process.

Scenario #1 – Open Position – A  company has an open position that you want to be hired into.  This position may be vacant, because a person who previously had that position left to pursue other interests, the person who occupied the position was let go, or the organization has opened the position to support a business objective that they have.  Under any of these circumstances, there is a time dependency to the position being open.  This is a dependency that you cannot control.

Scenario #2 – Create a Position – A company creates a position that they would like you to be hired into.  This is very relationship, role and company size dependent.  This is a much preferred scenario, because it is not time dependent, meaning, you can be hired whenever you and the organization are ready for you to come on board. 

Scenario #3 – Top Grading – A company hires you, because they feel you are more qualified than the person currently occupying the position, and the organization decides to make a change for strategic reasons.  This occurred in 2014 when the Chicago Cubs hired Joe Maddon.  Rick Renteria was the manager of the Cubs, but the organization felt that Joe Maddon would position them better for success.

Understanding your hiring scenario provides you with insight into the steps you need to take to get hired.