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Chaos Within IT

Chaos Within IT

Recently, we have been working with clients whose development team, infrastructure team, and IT Ops team are at different levels of maturity and that gap in maturity level has been causing havoc.   The symptoms that a company sees when this occurs differ based on where the gap is. 

Have you seen or heard any of these symptoms?

  • A frustrated IT Ops team that is migrating development code over and over again, because of missed requirements or a bad design. 
  • Firefights occurring to make up for the lack of communication between architecture and development for needed infrastructure components.
  • Uncertainty when a particular architecture component will be available.
  • A frustrated architecture team that is constantly working overtime, because they have not propperly planned for needed infrastructure components.  
  • Complaints from the business that development work is not going fast enough or that they do not know when work will be completed.
  • Fits, starts, and dropped handoffs between teams

There is a quick way to diagnose the situation to determine where the level discrepancy is.  The key to doing this assessment is to make sure that data collection is being done to track actual values.  Too often, subjective anecdotal beliefs are used to present people’s perspectives on where the opportunities are.

Once the people, process, and technology are evaluated, and data is analyzed, the first key decision is for executive leadership to identify what level of maturity they want to be.  From there, strategies can be built and analysis can be done to identify initiatives to make the necessary maturity level changes.  The key to these changes is that an organization can only mature one level at a time.  This is required to minimize the impact of the change(s) on the business.