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A Customer Experience Recovery During a Major Power Outage

A Customer Experience Recovery During a Major Power Outage

As the result of a recent storm our power went out.  It was a bad storm that knocked out service for hundreds of thousands of people in Chicago.  Our power provider suggested that customers use their mobile app to report the power outage and to check back to see the status of the outage.  Periodically, my wife and I would check the mobile app to see if there was any updated status, and we continued to see a notice saying that the outage was widespread and that no restore time was available.  After 20 hours without power and no help from the mobile app, I decided to give our power provider a call.   I sat on hold for over 45 minutes, and finally was connected to a live agent.

After she introduced herself, I asked her how busy her day was going, and she calmly told me that she had been working hard all evening.  Her demeanor was calm and polite.  I informed her that the reason for my call was that the mobile app status was not providing any useful information.   She expressed her disappointment about the delay in the mobile app being updated and proceeded to tell me that our outage was affecting a number of homes in our community.  She said, based on her years of experience with the power provider, that even though our specific outage was not on the repair schedule yet, she anticipated that our power would be restored within 2 hours and that if it was not, that I should call back and they would be in a better position to give me more accurate information.  I thanked her and told her that she was an outstanding agent and what a difference her approach and attitude made during a very stressful time.  She politely thanked me and asked if there was anything else she could do.

I was concerned for the food that was in the refrigerator and the freezer and that the temperature in our house was continuing to drop, but I felt confident that what the representative told me was accurate.  Less than 2 hours later our power was restored.

Polite and informed customer experience agents can make all the difference to a company’s brand.  A negative experience can often lead to churn which impacts the bottom line of your business.  It is crucial that your agents have the tools and processes in place to support your customers.  Your business depends on it.