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5 Signs of a Strong Leader

5 Signs of a Strong Leader

I read several articles over the holiday weekend about the traits of an effective leader.  It is a topic that I am passionate about, so I want to share some of what I read and what I took away from the articles.  

1. They build trust.

Strong leaders know that trust is essential to building a strong team and fostering growth. A leader who fosters an environment of honesty enables an organization to talk openly.  It also builds a culture of knowing that the organization will support them.

2. They give their team rewards and recognition.

This can be done on a regular basis by providing verbal acknowledgements and praise or small tokens of appreciation for the work that their team has done.  People remember those special moments.

3. They champion people development.

Strong leaders know that the key to building a great organization is to help their team grow.  Organizations are now realizing that it is better to help a team member hone a strength instead of developing a weakness. 

4. They give their people space.

Strong leaders give their people a chance to recharge by taking a break, taking a walk or listening to music.  Overworking employees causes burn out and demotivates their sense of belonging.

5. They have a positive attitude.

Strong leaders keep their teams motivated towards continued success by keeping their energy levels up. Whether that means providing snacks, coffee, or even relationship advice, remember that everyone on your team wants to  enjoy their work.  This is much easier in a positive work environment.