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What does building Security into your development lifecycle mean?

What does building Security into your development lifecycle mean?

Part of the system development lifecycle includes the relationship between development teams and operations teams.  DevOps is shorthand for development and operations – a software development phase originally used in Agile methodology that enables systems to be more rapidly deployed and more easily managed by incorporating operations into the development process.  Given the higher visibility of security and the need of organizations to ensure that security is not an afterthought, there has been a relatively recent addition to DevOps – security, hence the term DevSecOps.  It is meant to incorporate security into the software development process so that new systems are deployed, employing as many security features as possible to protect your data and organization.   

What processes should be included to secure your systems in development?  They include Software Assurance activities to ensure your software is free from vulnerabilities, including:

  • Design Review – includes reviewing system security and best practices to determine the optimal architecture to protect and safeguard your company’s critical data and its access
  • Code Review – includes rules for writing code that minimize security exposure, along with formal reviews prior to code release
  • Security Testing – includes techniques to determine how your systems protect data while maintaining its intended functionality

While improving the relationships between development, operations, and security units, it may be prudent to include outside assistance to provide an unbiased look at your software development projects.  Trillium's Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice can help to secure your system and software development and ensure your systems minimize your security exposure. 

15th Anniversary Message

15th Anniversary Message

Today, December 19th, is a day that I will always remember.  15 years ago today, Trillium opened its doors and began providing consulting service to our clients.   I am honored to say that 14 years later, we are actively working with our first client.  I would like to thank each of our consultants and each of our clients for your belief in us and the work that we do.

Looking back, there are so many memorable engagements and key milestones; I’ll just mention a few:

  • Successfully managed the implementation of over 390 client systems into production
  • Placed over 600 consultants on jobs in the last 15 years
  • Placed over 60 FTEs into client companies in the last 4 years alone
  • Worked over 450,000 billable hours with an average overall utilization of 76%
  • We have continued to donate both our time and money to countless charities
  • We look forward to building on these milestones during the coming year.

I hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season.

Steve Adelstein

Does Honesty Pay Off?

Does Honesty Pay Off?

A key challenge for candidates looking to land their next opportunity is how to manage concurrent pursuits.   From a candidate’s standpoint, they want to make sure that they do not eliminate an opportunity until they have landed one; this includes candidates faking illnesses or creating other arbitrary conflicts to stall one pursuit while they are pursuing another.   Here are two recent examples: 

1.       A client lost both their two top candidates, because they were waiting to final interview a candidate that had lied about an illness to pursue another opportunity, and their other top candidate landed another opportunity during the wait.  

2.       A candidate was completely transparent with the hiring manager about a second pursuit that they had.  In this instance, the client sped up their hiring process, so that the candidate could evaluate both offers together.  He took the job with our client. In the end, our client raised our candidates offer, because his actions showed his level of integrity.

Which side of the fence would you fall on?