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Employers: Can You Influence Glassdoor Reviews?

Employers: Can You Influence Glassdoor Reviews?

Glassdoor is a social media site where potential employees can go to investigate salaries and company reviews for firms that they are interested in working for.  It also provides companies the opportunity to engage their current employees and to reinforce their company brand in ways that no other social media site can.  To date, over six million reviews have been posted to Glassdoor.  It is hard to believe that this site is often overlooked.  Do you know what your current and past employees are saying about your company?  Do you know that there are ways that you can influence it?  Here are some possibilities:

Invest:  Spend the money to have your company’s site unlocked, which will allow you to add more detailed content about your company, including job postings and photos.  This is a great and inexpensive way reinforce your company’s brand and culture to current and potential employees.

Encourage:  Encourage your employees to engage and post reviews.  When a current employee is promoted or celebrates an anniversary, it is a great time to encourage them to post a review about their experience.  This will almost always be a positive review. You can also attempt to encourage your interviewees to post a review of their interview experience.  This can be more difficult, but if they are really interested in the role, they will be compelled to do so.

Comment:  It is a good course of practice to comment on both positive and negative reviews.  This shows that you genuinely care and appreciate people taking the time to provide constructive feedback.  This level of engagement can set your company apart from its competitors.  Take the time to understand the intent behind a negative review.  Your comment to a negative review can say something along the lines of, “We appreciate you sharing your views and we take these comments very seriously.  We are always committed to improvement, and your honest feedback helps us accomplish that goal.”

Provide Outlets:  Provide your employees sufficient outlets to voice issues and concerns (i.e. town halls, internal discussion boards.)  It not only shows your care and concern for your employees, but it significantly reduces the chances that an employee will post a grievance on a public platform.

Glassdoor is like any other social media stage in that it’s capable of a lot but requires a clear strategy and sustained engagement to get the most out of it. Companies seeking to recruit the best talent cannot afford to ignore sites like Glassdoor because it’s quite likely that your competitors aren’t.