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How do we get from here to there?

How do we get from here to there?

Many companies determine they have a business problem that they want to solve and then they quickly head down the path of finding the technology solution to the problem.

Sometimes, key questions do not get asked in the haste to resolve the problem:

  • What are the business requirements that are driving this solution?
  • What solutions most closely align to the requirements we have identified?
  • How can current technology that we have in house be used as part of the solution?

Companies are quick to try to use the latest and greatest technology when solving a business problem, perhaps because the current IT organization wants to use the latest technology to show value.  This is where a technology assessment comes in ---  companies get tremendous benefit from understanding where the true gaps exist between the needs that they have and the technology they have in place to address those needs.  It is not just an exercise in identifying ways to reuse technology, it is more of an approach to ensure that an organization understands the assets that they have, and uses that information to determine how best to solve the business issues that arise.