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Potential versus Production

Potential versus Production

Watson seems to be all over the news lately. From tax preparation IBM Watson and H&R Block, to diagnosing cancer IBM Watson Fighting Cancer, IBM’s AI product seems to be having a resurgence.  I say resurgence because over five years ago Trillium managed projects that successfully integrated Watson into predictive analytic production workflows. This healthcare Trillium Success Story describes just such a project.

In five years, not much has changed, data-wise, for healthcare organizations. Most are still drowning in data and still challenged to gain reliable, actionable insights from this information. More than 80% of the data is unstructured and in the form of physician notes, test results such as x-rays, EKG and MRIs and other medical documents. All data sources that Watson can handle. So why aren’t there more stories of success and less of them about just the potential of AI?

What still makes implementation a challenge are the human factors. While there are the tool benches and API’s to take advantage of the power of Watson to relate data and utilize Natural Language Processing techniques, without the use of proven infrastructure planning and solid project management, implementations will remain beyond reach and articles will continue to be written merely about the potential of this technology to be a valuable business tool.