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The Art and Science of Finding Talent

The Art and Science of Finding Talent

A few of our clients recently told us that they are dismayed at how similar the resumes that they are receiving from staffing firms look, and in many cases, the candidate’s skills do not match up with their resumes.

It is often hard to determine the depth of skill that a person has when they identify a specific tool or architecture that they have experience with from their resume.   Recruiting firms use several tools to verify a candidate’s technical competence.  However, most of these tools are focused on syntax and developmental skills.

To find the best talent in this tight job market, the tools and approaches that staffing firms use can dramatically impact their success.  As we pointed out in several previous blogs, Finding Human Capital Data and What’s the Big Deal Anyways, there is both an art and a science to the recruiting process.  There are ways to leverage technology to better understand and predict a candidate’s future success, but it is the combination of a candidate’s technical capabilities plus their ability to fit into a company’s culture that ultimately determine the best fit.