Brenda Dunn Kinney

Brenda Dunn Kinney is the Senior Vice President of Customer Experience for Trillium Solutions Group, Inc.  An award-winning expert, Brenda specializes in counseling companies, large and small, on growth, turnaround, and customer impact, with a particular emphasis on delivering the right kind of contact center experience, whether that means customer service call centers, service desk operations, and/or customer experience management.

Over the last 20 years, Brenda has created an impressive suite of solutions to help mid-to large-sized companies boost customer engagement and transform their cultures. Known for her analytical and problem-solving skills, she has forged powerful, successful partnerships, surrounding herself with teams that address and eliminate organizational pain around customer interactions. Her work has generated results like improved clarity, integrated mergers/acquisitions, increased employee morale, innovative business processes, as well as benchmarks for future growth.  Both new and experienced executives have benefited by her mentoring and advice on how to lead their industries in customer experience. 

Brenda graduated with a B.S. in Food Sciences from Illinois State University,  She’s certified in ITIL and received a Management Leadership Certification from the University of Chicago.

Success Stories

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