Trillium works with clients to take a strategic sourcing approach by connecting operational initiatives to your current and future resource needs.

The goal is to insure that sourcing is not only aligned with, but can also help to drive the critical operational and technology aspects of the business strategy. It is an approach often used in other aspects of business that matches the strategic direction of the business to the sourcing options to help take it there.

A sourcing strategy should answer questions such as:  What are the critical resource roles to accomplish the strategy? How effective and efficient are our current capabilities? What are the incremental opportunities? How can we get there? What is the roadmap? Developing and implementing a strategic sourcing strategy is complicated by changes in leadership, market shifts, technology changes and resource demand.  These are all elements that need to inform your sourcing strategy in both development and implemention.   The advantages of sourcing programs are compelling. A sourcing strategy is a process, not an isolated decision. It continuously balances internal and external activities; services and know-how; aligns strategy, processes and technology; and, keeps the goals that must be achieved clearly in place.

In a competitive environment, all major projects need to be aligned with organization objectives. Sourcing has the potential to deliver significant benefits, but major projects require substantial effort and often result in considerable change in the organization. These projects demand resources and management attention that, depending on corporate priorities, may be better directed elsewhere. Good contracts can be impacted when alignment with the corporate operating model is not adequately addressed. All of these factors should be considered prior to initiating sourcing activities.

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