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Internal Social Media Product Launch

Internal Social Media Product Launch

This ERP Software User Group needed to launch a social media community on its website within in a tight timeframe. This organization represents 100,000 individuals at 3,200 companies in 17 industries, 90 Special Interest Groups and has 37 chapters across the US and Canada. Trillium was engaged to help add two new social networking products to its website. Research indicated that members wanted a database of service providers that included ratings and reviews generated by other members, and a tool that allowed members to build and manage a network of their peers online.

Development was behind schedule because requirements had not been finalized and there was no overall project plan that integrated efforts of marketing, member services, engineering and QA. The products were in danger of not launching on time, which would have a material impact on the association’s ability to generate new revenue in the future.

How We Solved It

Trillium led a comprehensive analysis and re-plan of the project and technology selection with the introduction of new tools and processes, followed by project management within a rapid deployment framework


  • A cross-functional launch plan to ensure on-time project deployment in time for the client’s annual meeting
  • Ad server system selection to aid revenue generation
  • Repeatable, rapid project management processes for future deployments

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