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Enterprise Resource Planning Software Review

Enterprise Resource Planning Software Review

This client was a 77-year-old worldwide leader in the manufacture of rugged precision positioning systems that began as a manufacturer of tripods and pan and tilt heads. Its broad customer base includes aerospace and broadcast industries, and numerous governmental agencies including the military and homeland security.

Our challenge was to assist in reviewing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specific to like-sized manufacturing operations. The client was also interested in reviewing ERP systems with local installation and support capabilities. While the client had an ERP system in place, it had not been upgraded for several years and quality, timely support was limited to out-of-town vendors. Although the client was planning to upgrade the current system, they expressed a desire to understand other systems in the marketplace.

How We Solved It

Trillium developed a high-level review and analysis of available ERP systems based on client requirements


  • Concise review of appropriate ERP systems for future consideration
  • Decision to upgrade their existing ERP system and gained new functional capabilities and vendor support from the upgrade

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