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Streamlined Testing and Defect Resolution

Streamlined Testing and Defect Resolution

The world’s largest communications holding company engaged Trillium to help streamline the process of capturing and fixing severe defects of a customer-facing web portal for online service orders in the United States. The client upgraded this system with major version releases three times a year and each upgrade caused a slew of bugs that needed to be repaired. The test teams often caught defects before the new version was released, but there was no clear process to identify and prioritize the errors, and then assign them to the correct technician. With over 100 back-end applications and many teams of technicians, some issues were difficult to identify and the ones they could find took 16-24 hours to resolve.

Therefore, in addition to catching the errors, the client also needed a better way to fix them. They needed a solution that would help reduce defect resolution time and put processes in place to ensure that support resources could handle high ticket volumes in the future. As a result of these issues, customers would experience problems in completing their online service orders, leading frustrated customers to call and complain. Trillium was charged to catch and fix defects before they triggered a negative customer experience

How We Solved It

Trillium streamlined the defect detection and prioritization processes to speed error resolution and ensure a positive customer experience


  • Prioritized Severity 1 and 2 defect fixes to reduce resolution time by 50 percent
  • Streamlined the testing workflow for improved efficiency
  • 20 percent improvement in fixing errors at the root cause

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