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Integrating Disparate CRM Systems in the Cloud

Integrating Disparate CRM Systems in the Cloud

Trillium was able to help this large healthcare information group integrate the disparate CRM systems in the cloud. Having grown through mergers and acquisitions, the company had multiple, disparate sales and CRM systems. Previous attempts to integrate the systems had failed, so the company had three sets of price lists, commission structures, product lists, and CRM data. This disconnect had an adverse effect on sales productivity and operational efficiency.

The client was a market-leading information products company serving more than 2,000 hospitals and large U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers in the healthcare industry. The company maintains one of the nation’s largest healthcare databases, which contain data on more than 25 million discharges per year from nearly 3,000 hospitals, representing over 75 percent of all discharges. After a third attempt at implementing a major enterprise initiative was in jeopardy, our challenge was to identify specific problem areas and to develop and carry out effective solutions.

How We Solved It

Trillium helped the company first overcome organizational and procedural issues and then develop its own cloud-based enterprise-wide CRM solution


  • Realized a 40% gain in operating efficiency
  • Achieved cost savings by retiring two legacy sales force automation systems
  • Substantially increased the company’s valuation when acquired

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