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Managing Intellectual Assets

Managing Intellectual Assets

For this full-service U.S. venture capital firm on the West Coast, our challenge was to protect the firm’s competitive edge by capturing the intellectual capital generated by its IT staff. Like other knowledge-based businesses, the firm’s greatest asset is the human intellectual capital in its IT department – long-term employees whose experience with internal IT projects was filed away in disparate systems and networks across the company.

“Our assets walk out the door every night,” says a senior executive at the firm. “While our employees’ knowledge gives our company an incredible competitive advantage, we could lose that advantage quickly if key employees quit or were somehow incapacitated. It’s impossible to fully replicate a person’s insight and experience.”

How We Solved It

Trillium developed an IT knowledge management system to capture intellectual assets, provide business continuity, and standardize IT integration strategies


  • Productivity boost with easier access to the firm’s IT knowledge base
  • Mitigated risk with a formal disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  • Standardized IT integration strategies and staffing to support rapid company growth

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