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RX for an Ailing Telecom Group at a Health Services Group

RX for an Ailing Telecom Group at a Health Services Group

Trillium’s client is a not-for-profit community-based regional Health Services Group located in the rural Northwest United States.  Their facilities include several hospitals (including a trauma level 2 facility,) numerous medical and urgent care clinics, a Senior care facility, a conference center, a hospice, and a hospitality house for out-of-town patients and families.  They provide a full range of medical, health care, wellness, and surgical services, and serve a population in excess of a quarter of a million with a staff of nearly 5,000 medical professionals, employees, and volunteers.  Given the critical nature of the services provided, the client requires a very effective telecom infrastructure, running as seamlessly as possible. 

The Health Services Group was experiencing a number of symptoms indicating its telecom was not meeting the business needs of its stakeholders.  They included inconsistent telecom support, unpredictable service delivery, reliance on vendors to identify and solve problems, and unpredictable planned telecom change events.  In addition, Management had limited visibility to existing telecom issues, or how they were being addressed and/or ultimately fixed.  It appeared that telecom work was being done differently depending on the individual doing that work, with one-off and non-repeatable processes being used, and, as a consequence, the impact of telecom work to the organization was unclear.  Also, since there was no clear view of telecom finances, the Group had no idea of their spend or how financially efficient their organization was.  Organizational Management determined that it needed an overall review and assessment of its telecom organization, to determine stakeholder expectations and how best to improve their support. 

How We Solved It

Trillium first surveyed support personnel and key stakeholders to determine a baseline for how well telecom was performing against expectations.  Then, Trillium interviewed numerous stakeholders to help determine the needs from telecom in order to effectively support the client. Trillium performed an analysis that was categorized by People, Process, and Technology.  Numerous recommendations were generated, based on a “crawl, walk, run” approach so that our Client would have a roadmap to its future actions, including business requirements, running telecom projects through its PMO, and adoption of standard processes. In addition, Trillium created a cost estimate to identify the financial impact of the recommendations.


  • Consolidated trouble ticketing and reorganized team to reduced the time to resolve trouble tickets
  • Improved internal image of telecom within the organization
  • Improved service delivery process
  • Created a roadmap for accountability
  • Stabilization of planned changes

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