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Streamlined Printer Operations Management using Zero-Based Budgeting

Streamlined Printer Operations Management using Zero-Based Budgeting

Trillium’s client is a large international food distribution organization that serves a large portion of the USA.  Numerous brands are distributed under this umbrella company.  While the company has been experiencing significant growth through acquisition in the last several years, it has also undertaken a substantial effort to consolidate numerous technology areas within the organization.  The company wanted to identify and understand all aspects of its print operation to align with a directive to reduce printer volume, consolidate vendors and support, and control expenses through centralizing the purchasing, leasing, and support of its print devices at over 1000 sites nationally. 

However, the client needed to identify its inventory of printers, vendors, and contracts; it had also issued a Request for Proposal for print leases and services that required analysis.  The client was also instituting Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) and directed that printer acquisition requests be included in that process.  To execute on that strategy, the client needed a broad skillset including operations and project management to work with the project team.

How We Solved It

An overall project management and operational strategy was conducted to assess the organization’s overall printing environment to reduce printer volume, consolidate operations, and reduce cost. The Client engaged Trillium to review its print technology operation with an eye toward consolidating services soon.  Trillium worked with corporate management and support teams as well as coordinating with numerous departments to jump start the analysis of the landscape.  The client had previously issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for print leases and attendant services, and required an analysis of those responses.  In addition to analyzing the responses, Trillium validated RFP information and costs, updating them as needed.  Trillium also worked on obtaining specific information on printer sites, including site visits and interviews, to gain comprehensive information on printer counts, contracts, and maintenance costs to begin to renegotiate existing contracts at reduced costs.  Trillium then assisted the client with negotiations for a Master Services Agreement with the finalist vendor and attendant Statement(s) of Work.  ZBB procedures were used for acquisition of new printers.


  • Impact of the current print environment compared to the future environment will realize significant financial saving
  • New standard acquisition processes including ZBB will give the client more control and visibility over its print environment.
  • New processes will be extended to the client’s international operations.

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