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Trillium Helps Consumer Products Company Source New Chief Marketing Officer

Trillium Helps Consumer Products Company Source New Chief Marketing Officer

Trillium’s client is a major consumer products company trying to change in a challenging environment.  Management wished to change the direction of its marketing strategy to offset the aging demographic of its customer base and subsequent market erosion.  This caused the client to seek outside assistance in sourcing a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who could work with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the executive team to refine and drive business strategy. 

The client had specific requirements for its new CMO, including best practice support for eCommerce marketing and merchandising, experience with Google Analytics and other programs to measure website statistics, experience with online ordering processes, and demonstrated growth in eCommerce channels.

How We Solved It

Trillium worked with corporate management in a structured approach to sourcing the new CMO. This included:

    Search assessment to provide the engagement’s foundation
    Launching the search by identifying the interview team and establishing candidate requirements
    Conducting status meetings and a formal midpoint review to ensure being on track and minimize course corrections
    Presenting qualified candidates to the client
    Initiating the selection process, including interviews, assessments, and final interview(s)
    Selecting the candidate
    Completing the selection process, including reference checks, offer negotiations, and onboarding timeline
    Conducting post-selection 90-day follow-up to ensure match between candidate and client


  • Identified a more targeted channel strategy
  • Developed new product licensing strategies
  • Reduced the average customer age by 15+ years
  • Measurably improved bottom line and top line performance

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