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Trillium Helps Medical Trade Association Source New Chief Information Officer

Trillium Helps Medical Trade Association Source New Chief Information Officer

Trillium’s client is a major medical trade association in organizational transition.  The new management structure wished to change the direction of its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to meet the growing demands of its user base.  That growth caused the client to seek outside assistance in sourcing a new Chief Information Officer (CIO.) 

The client’s specific requirements for its new CIO, included not-for-profit leadership experience, strategic IT planning and alignment experience, turnaround experience, cloud-based and internal services management experience, multi-site experience, HIPAA compliance and security background, communication skills, and organizational transformation experience.

How We Solved It

Trillium worked with corporate management in a structured approach to sourcing the new CMO. This included:

    Search assessment to provide the engagement’s foundation
    Launching the search by identifying the interview team and establishing candidate requirements
    Conducting status meetings and a formal midpoint review to ensure being on track and minimize course corrections
    Presenting qualified candidates to the client
    Initiating the selection process, including interviews, assessments, and final interview(s)
    Selecting the candidate
    Completing the selection process, including reference checks, offer negotiations, and onboarding timeline
    Conducting post-selection 90-day follow-up to ensure match between candidate and client


  • Better cooperation and communication between IT and the rest of the organization, resulting in a greater trust relationship
  • Vision for a cohesive technology strategy moving forward
  • Client’s users have more confidence that their initiatives will be addressed in a timely manner

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