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Aligning Disaster Recovery Solutions for a Hospital Group

Aligning Disaster Recovery Solutions for a Hospital Group

Trillium’s client is a hospital group that needed assistance with the requirements and selection of a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.  Because of significant factors relating to medical records, privacy, and security, as well as being cognizant of cost, the client wanted to ensure that they were making the correct choice DR solution.   
The client began its search for a DR solution by contacting vendors, and was being presented with numerous disparate and very costly solutions without first understanding the requirements.  In addition, they did not understand business risk factors to make a good choice for a DR path forward.  Other factors that need to be considered were unique emergency medical system requirements, gaps in HIPAA requirements, and technology sprawl due to uncontrolled growth.  The client needed a structured approach to its system selection.

How We Solved It

Trillium brought rigor and organization to the DR selection process.  We used our structured system selection approach to provide clarity and alignment to the selection process.  The process included documenting the client’s current technology to align understanding within the organization; documenting business, technology, security, and product requirements including medical and HIPAA security challenges; and analyzing and scoring potential solutions to determine the best DR approach.


  • A tiered solution was selected, resulting in a cost reduction of 42%
  • Technology sprawl was remediated with a 30% reduction in servers and a 25% reduction in licensing
  • Remediation of critical technology skill gaps in the organization resulted from the DR engagement

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