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Trillium Helps Global Law Firm Improve Customer Experience by Changing Service Management Processes

Trillium Helps Global Law Firm Improve Customer Experience by Changing Service Management Processes

Trillium’s client is a global law firm having issues servicing its internal staff.  Rapid growth to 1500+ worldwide offices caused gaps in the organization’s ability to adequately service its employees.  Also, numerous non-integrated back office applications caused double and triple data entry to keep internal systems up to date, causing internal errors and increased cost. In addition, the international nature of the firm presented confusion in processes and procedures, causing potential for customers viewing the firm negatively.

Client management determined that they needed to address these service management issues immediately. 

How We Solved It

Trillium worked with the Client in a structured manner to review and determine a service management approach, which included:

    Creating a current state roadmap of service management including gaps
    Generating use cases and requirements for a new service management platform
    Researching service management platforms that met the firm’s internal requirements
    Identifying a cloud-based service management platform that met the client’s needs foundation
    Updating the roadmap with the new service management processes



  • Deployment of a single service management platform globally
  • Financial savings and procedural efficiencies with self-service access and automated task assignment
  • Enhanced internal and external reputation and profile
  • Living process mapping documentation can be used by the client moving forward

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Becoming an IT Director in a Major Value Added Reseller

An Enterprise Architect who had completed the build out of a new state of the art retail technology platform was frustrated by the strategic direction of his current employer.  His company had recently been acquired and the technology direction chosen was to use the acquiring company’s legacy technology platform.  The architect had spent several months looking at job boards and applying to jobs online, and he was frustrated by his inability to find his next opportunity.

How We Solved It

The IT Director went through the Rapid Results Road-mapping session.  It provided him with great insight into the following:

    How much time he was wasting by being fragmented in his job search process
    He needed to focus his job search to a specific industry
    What size business he wanted to work at next
    How his skills translated into the role he wanted to pursue

    Within 7 weeks, he accepted a job as an IT Director in a Chicago based services firm.


    • "The Rapid Results process enabled me to identify the profile of the companies I should target"
    • "I became significantly more focused in my job search which enabled me to find a job more quickly"
    • "I learned how to leverage LinkedIn to make introductions"