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Simultaneous IT Upgrade and Physical Relocation

Simultaneous IT Upgrade and Physical Relocation

Trillium simultaneously coordinated a production upgrade and infrastructure relocation for a leading retail technology company. This client provides retailers with in-store customer behavior tracking devices. To improve its services, the client embarked on a major system upgrade. At the same time, it scheduled a relocation of its physical IT infrastructure. The company planned to move its development server, new Oracle portal server and primary backup server to one locations, while other servers would be moved to the client’s new office space.

Even a typical technology infrastructure transition is an exhaustive test of an IT organization’s ability to re-establish its computing services to a new location with minimal impact to business operations. The client acknowledged that its project was far too complex for its internal resources to handle, so management called Trillium.

How We Solved It

Trillium employed its IT Transitions® methodology to reduce downtime and ensure business continuity during the move


  • Reduced system downtime from a planned 48 hours to just 4 hours
  • Mitigated risk through Trillium’s hour- by-hour planning and communication
  • Streamlined move to new VOIP phone system for a 20 percent cost reduction

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