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Landing job as the CEO of an IT Staffing Firm

Landing job as the CEO of an IT Staffing Firm

A C-level executive needed to make a change in his career.  He had spent the last decade providing business unit leadership inside of a national staffing firm, and he wanted to take a larger role in setting the direction of the company he worked for.  He had spent several months exploring opportunities, but realized that the was not being successful.

How We Solved It

The C-level Executive went through the Rapid Results Road-mapping session.  It provided him with great insight into the following:

    What type of company he should be perusing
    Who he should be talking to
    What message should he be conveying

Within 8 weeks, he took on the role as the CEO of a mid-market staffing firm.


  • "Rapid Results Process was instrumental in me landing my new job!"
  • "Rapid Results Process provided me with a clear direction for how to get my next job."
  • "Rapid Results Process enabled me to find a job that was well positioned for my career goals!"