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Giving Users the Power of Automated Provisioning

Giving Users the Power of Automated Provisioning

This for-profit division of a major national Medical Association provides market, clinical, medical, and community information and research services to the healthcare and insurance industries, as well as consumers.  There are numerous health-related websites maintained for use by its members and the public.  Additionally, the client was developing a new online application to replace a paper volume of thousands of data points for its members and eventually for purchase to those outside the association, with a short implementation timeframe.  With a membership of several thousand, including the possibility of numerous users within each member, current provisioning applications and processes became unworkable, and were not robust enough to be used for a large number of users – not to mention that manual provisioning would have involved significant staff additions.  It was determined that the best solution would be a single user provisioning and access control system that could be initially deployed for the new application, and then deployed for the rest of the Association’s applications.

On the technical side, because of the number of new users that would require provisioning, the already over-taxed IT Department simply did not have the capacity to support the functionality needed.  The association’s staff and IT department had their own technical frustrations with their own provisioning system.  Since previous to this endeavor the client was only responsible for provisioning internal users, they had nothing in place to provision thousands of users in a reasonable, cost-effective manner and required an automated system that could address internal as well as self-service provisioning at member organizations. An automated provisioning system would give the client flexibility in its access control, along with giving its members the ability to control provisioning for the members’ own users. 

How We Solved It

Trillium performed a rigorous technical review and requirements analysis prior to leading a fast-track selection process to identify the best provisioning solution for the client’s needs.  The review confirmed that an open-source solution would best serve the client’s needs both from technical and financial standpoints.  Then, the selection process was conducted to identify the best implementation partner for the identified open-source solution.  The partner chosen will have an ongoing client relationship both for provisioning build and as a maintenance partner, working on a fast-track implementation schedule.


  • Client has an open-source application for user provisioning and access control, along with its implementation partner
  • Implementation of a standard provisioning system allowed client to begin to replace older custom provisioning systems and manual processes.
  • Client met the deployment schedule for its new online application with its new provisioning system in place

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