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Large-Scale Workforce Management System

Large-Scale Workforce Management System

A premier railroad company in need of a workforce management overhaul must first build stakeholder buy-in. Despite its leadership in the transportation and logistics industry, the company was still using the antiquated method of roll call to track employee attendance in the field. This process failed to meet reporting regulations, such as who was present, what training or qualifications they have, what was accomplished, who was the project leader and how many hours they worked. The client needed to update and optimize workforce management processes and tools – a project that would impact approximately 10,000 workers in the field.

Although they wanted to move forward, they struggled to obtain agreement and alignment of key stakeholders. The absence of a comprehensive program picture, execution plan, program governance structure and communication plan—combined with an inability to clearly articulate the value of their business case—added up to a major obstacle to gaining senior management approval.

How We Solved It

Trillium developed a project roadmap that stakeholders could buy into and streamlined workforce management in the field


  • Developed standardized requirements and governance to win senior management approval
  • Ensured compliance with government and union regulations on project reporting
  • Enabled more accurate and compliant attendance reporting in the field

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