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Making the Most of Network and Technology at a Marketing and Financial Company

Making the Most of Network and Technology at a Marketing and Financial Company

Trillium’s client is a Marketing and Financial company that offers rewards programs, merchant cash advance programs, and marketing services.  The company is experiencing growth within its partner network.  This has the potential to significantly increase the number of members that will be leveraging the company’s product and services along with the demand on its technology infrastructure. 
Due to growth within our client’s members and partners, there has been an increased reliance on their network in order to respond to user demands.  Recently, Trillium’s client began experiencing a number of network-related issues.  These disruptions have raised questions for our client as to whether the root cause(s) of the disruptions are people, process, or technology issues.  Additionally, the increasing demands resulting from growth have created concerns surrounding the risks the company may have with its infrastructure.  Client Management wanted to conduct an overall review and assessment of its infrastructure.  This included reviewing network architecture and infrastructure designs, as well as reviewing infrastructure operations people, process, tools and technology in order to identify potential technology risks to the organization.  This will assist our client in quantifying risks to company stability and growth over a 3-year horizon, and allow our client to make immediate decisions about their current network and systems and the organization and processes supporting their technology.

How We Solved It

Trillium first interviewed IT personnel and key stakeholders to determine a baseline for how well IT and networks were performing against expectations, as well as to help determine the technology and network needs from the organization in order to effectively support the client. Trillium reviewed extensive technology-related documentation and performed an analysis that would assist in identifying the best course of action.  Numerous recommendations were generated so that our Client would have a roadmap to its future actions, including: targeting future organizational structure; identification of key processes to be standardized across the organization; identification of prioritized factors along with their importance and our Client’s current capability levels; and prioritization of telecom initiatives.


  • Network and technology stabilization path beginning by starting work on establishing IT Strategy, Rules of Engagement, and definition of Suc
  • Began to align the IT Organization to Capability Maturity Model Level 2
  • Standard metrics and reporting will help to stabilize the path forward

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