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Maturing Cyber Security in a Rapidly Expanding Software Space

Maturing Cyber Security in a Rapidly Expanding Software Space

Trillium’s client is a software and analytics company that had a rapidly expanding client base, creating an increased risk profile for data under its control. In addition, existing customers had security concerns about data loss, creating a financial and reputational risk for the client.  Security concerns have also caused lengthened sales cycles for the client.  Several factors contributed to the client’s concerns about cyber security, including a lack of security tooling or data; a soft security roadmap requiring review and remediation; and, existing improvements to security and analytics were neither aligned nor prioritized within the technology landscape.

How We Solved It

Trillium reviewed and assessed the current state of the client’s cyber security processes and technology, and begin a risk reduction plan.  The project baselined the client’s cyber security against industry standards, analyzed tactical risks of the current state, and identified a remediation approach to the security risks.  The risk-reduction program was aligned to the client’s product roadmap.


  • Product improvements aligned with security risk-reduction initiative
  • Risk-remediation reduced risk by 20% in the first 3 months
  • Sales team closed the sale on 2 large accounts by addressing security concerns

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