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Maximizing Not-for-Profit Productivity by Minimizing Customization

Maximizing Not-for-Profit Productivity by Minimizing Customization

This major not-for-profit organization specializes in product distribution to its member agencies throughout the Unites States.  The member agencies, in turn, distribute products to needy population in their areas.  While the organization doesn’t warehouse any product, it has very specific activities concerning its supply chain and distribution areas, and its current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System was struggling to keep up with growth.  Required financial reporting had become more difficult and increasingly manual.  In order to create needed reports, the client’s financial staff had to create different desktop applications and databases that were very complex in comparison with their resulting rudimentary reports.  The ERP also had to interface with a number of back office systems, which was made more difficult every time an interface with each required modifications.   
The existing ERP was numerous levels out-of-date and no longer supported by its vendor.  Due to multiple customizations applied to it, required modifications to the system had become difficult, time-consuming, expensive, and nearly impossible to maintain. Both the organization’s business staff and the IT organization were frustrated with amount of maintenance necessary.  Both the business staff and IT agreed that the time had come to investigate ERP systems that would satisfy the client’s unique requirements through; middleware instead of customizations; demonstrated use in the not-for-profit sector for supply chain, fund accounting, and reporting; and, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to streamline hosting and ensure that system updates would occur on a predetermined schedule to minimize customizations and hosting expenses.

How We Solved It

Trillium used its Proprietary Vendor/ Software selection process to identify the best ERP solutions and implementation vendors to meet the client’s needs.  We reviewed the client’s existing systems to identify their go-forward business and technical requirements.  We created use cases with the client so potential vendors could understand their unique requirements, and could be used for testing during the implementation of the chosen system.  After the selection process and client demonstrations, Trillium assisted the client in selecting a SaaS-based ERP system that best met its business and technical requirements with a minimum of customizations.


  • Client had standard ERP functionality including needed not-for-profit processing and reporting
  • Client had simpler customizations and interfaces to back office systems through middleware
  • Client had complete buy-in from all key stakeholders on the software selected and the vendor to perform the implementation

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