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Minimizing Content Management to Maximize Productivity

Minimizing Content Management to Maximize Productivity

The business division of a major national Medical Association provides market, clinical, medical, and community information and research services to the healthcare and insurance industries, and also serves as a source for several health care and facilities-related trade publications and publication websites.  Over a long period of time, our client had either created or procured a number of applications and databases to maintain its data in several different formats.  As a result, content created for the publications/publication websites had to be processed at least twice – once for physical publication, and again for the publication websites, so keeping content in sync was a nearly impossible task.  In addition, the existing applications did not assist the organization in suggesting/upselling content for its own customers.  Supporting this environment was difficult for the business organization because the numerous technologies were not flexible or smart enough to work with and post the data efficiently, not to mention the strain on an already stretched internal IT organization.

Both the association’s staff and the IT organization were frustrated with the multiple databases and systems used which were very high maintenance in contrast to their very low performance.  After several failed attempts to buy or build a new solution or set of solutions, IT and the association’s internal staff recommended buying a vendor solution that could be configured by the vendor as needed by the client, instead of a solution that would require numerous customizations.  Additionally, the current set of applications was hosted internally, and the client wanted to obtain a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in order to minimize its hosting and maintenance expenses and activities.

How We Solved It

Trillium used its Proprietary Vendor/ Software selection process to identify the best content management publishing solution and vendor to meet our client’s needs.  We reviewed both the client’s existing IT infrastructure and systems to identify their go-forward business and technical requirements.  After the selection process, we assisted the client in selecting a SaaS-based system that consolidated its storage and access, providing faster content creation and posting/publishing with a unified customer view.


  • Client had a single application to be used for all data and content publication
  • Client had the ability to consolidate online and print publication processes into a single process.
  • Replaced multiple older, high-maintenance systems with a single high-performance, cost-effective and integrated SaaS solution

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