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Multimedia Broadcast of International Sports Event

Multimedia Broadcast of International Sports Event

Trillium was called to rescue a large-scale multimedia project in serious risk of failing to meet the live broadcast deadline. The client is the world’s largest media and communications holding company with familiar branded product offerings for both business and consumer markets in telecommunications services, wireless, network, internet, and IP-based entertainment services. They had embarked on an ambitious multimedia broadcast project to provide concurrent live coverage of the most important international golf tournament of the year in three different viewing modes – TV, computer, and mobile wireless device.

The project, however, was in serious jeopardy of not being ready for the live broadcast which would be streamed through the client’s sports media portal. The key challenge lay in the disparate project management styles of the three entities involved – Trillium’s client, a streaming media partner, and a broadcast production house. In addition to communication and collaboration problems among the teams, issue escalation paths were not well established, nor did the project have the support of key leaders at each company. The teams simply could not resolve issues fast enough to regain lost time and they continued to lose time as the date of the live event approached.

How We Solved It

Trillium leveraged its Project Rescue Framework to unite multiple development teams and deliver the project on time


  • Rescued the project to deliver a live streaming project on time
  • Established a repeatable project framework for efficient team collaboration
  • Enabled the client to successfully demonstrate its leadership in digital media services

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